Monday, 19 August 2013

Maybelline Baby Lips

So I went into Boots at the weekend and couldn't resist picking up three of the Maybelline Baby Lips. I knew that for £2.99 each they were not going to be life changing but I picked up the intense care, hydrate and peach kiss. The first thing I must say is that they smell amazing, the only smell I can relate it to is the necklaces that are made of sweets. They all have SPF20 and are full of shea butter. Peach kiss also gives a bit of colour to the lips as well which a lovely subtle nude tone. They say that they hydrate the lips for 8 hours which I think is a bit grand, I found I was having to reapply every two or so hours but all the same they do keep your lips lovely and smooth. For £2.99 I think they are fun and snazzy and worth a look at, even if they don't change your life.

Have you tried these yet?

Love Grace x

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