Saturday, 9 November 2013

Autumn Tag

Hello lovely people!

Beautiful Autumn Leaves
(image from Pinterest)
So today I thought I would share the Autumn Tag with you. Now I know this has been going round the blog world for a long time but I thought I would share all the things I love about Autumn.

So here goes!
For Autumn what is you favourite....

Thing about it:
I love the colours of Autumn, it is just so pretty. I love taking walks through the woods with the dog and seeing all the different colours of the leaves.

Favourite drink:
 I am not a massive fan of all the special drinks in coffee shops but now that it is getting colder there is nothing I can't resist more than a mocha and if I am feeling really naughty then I may have some whipped cream on top.

Favourite candle:
I am a massive fan of Vanilla Cupcake by Yankee candle all year round but if I was to pick one specifically for autumn it would have to be Black Cherry by Yankee candle. It smells amazing.

Best Lipstick:
Rimmel 'a drop of sherry'

Go to moisturiser:
I am always a fan of Nivea daily essentials, light moisturising day cream.

Go to colour for the eyes:
I always love neutral shades and I love using browns and creams on my eyes in the autumn.

Favourite band or singer:
 I have been loving The Fray throughout the Autumn, it is the perfect type of music to just chill to with a cup of tea. If you don't know who they are, check them out on youtube.

Favourite outfit to wear:
A big comfy knit jumper, some leggings, some fluffy socks and some boots.

Autumn Treat:
 I always treat myself to a new pair of boots every autumn and I love picking up new candles as well.

Favourite place to be:
Snuggled in front of a good dvd with a cup of tea and a lovely open fire. Bliss.

I hope you all enjoyed reading this. What are your favourite things about Autumn?

I hope everyone has a great weekend!
Love G. x.

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