Sunday, 15 December 2013

A Little bit of sparkle!

Hello lovely people!

I hope you all having a lovely weekend in the lead up to Christmas. I thought i would just share with you a sparkly twist to a nude nail that I have been loving recently. I love wearing dark colours in the winter but I have been loving wearing this combination. So lets get into it!

It is really very simple, I applied two coats of  Barry M Gelly nail varnish in the shade Lychee, which is a lovely nude shade and gives a lovely finish. Then ontop I have just added two coats of  Barry M glitter nail varnish in shade 349 'Rose Quartz'. I have only used this on one nail just to give a little bit of sparkle however if you wanted to go all out you could use it on all the nails.

So this is my very simple and quick way of making a nude nail wearable at Christmas. 

What are you favourtite colours to wear this time of the year?

I hope you all have a lovely weekend and I will speak to you all very soon!
love G.x

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