Saturday, 8 June 2013

20 things you should know about me!

  1.  I am 20 years old.
  2. I am currently studying to be a teacher ( will start my final year in September) at university which I absolutely love.
  3. I have a boyfriend who I have been with for nearly 3 years now and yea love him to bits.
  4. When i'm not away at uni, I live with my mum, dad and 2 younger sisters who are twins.
  5. I have two cats and a dog. (they aren't actually mine, more of a family pet but yea)
  6. I love reading, I do admit I love a good trashy novel but I love reading in general.
  7. I love cooking and baking. I am quite good if I do say so myself :)
  8. My favourite colour is purple!
  9. I love eating out in restaurants. Me and my boyfriend both are slightly obsessed with Nando's which led to the staff at the Nando's near uni actually recognising us when we went in! oops :)
  10. I love the summer! In England you can't really guarantee a summer but I love just being somewhere hot, topping up my tan.
  11. I love Christmas! (that is about the only thing I do love about winter)
  12. I played a lot of sport in school including football, hockey, table tennis, swimming, cross country, athletics and netball and competed on many occasions.
  13. Following on from that I actually am a national champion 6 times in tables tennis, and competed nationally in both cross country and swimming. :)
  14. If I could choose a favourite animal that you wouldn't keep as a pet it would have to be an elephant.
  15. I am a very easy going person and most of the time happy.
  16. When I was little i took all advent calendars, including my sisters and ate all the chocolate from them. My mum realised what i did when i came downstairs with chocolate all round my mouth and the advent calender's in my hand.
  17. I love shopping! ( my boyfriend will testify to that)
  18. Our favourite thing to do is to curl up on the sofa and watch a good movie. We do have quite a few!
  19. I don't really have anything i'm afraid of.
  20. My ideal car would be a mini. I will have one, when i can afford it!
Hope you enjoyed this blog guys!

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