Friday, 19 July 2013

My top 10 summer products!

Hey guys, so here are my top 10 beauty/skin products that i recommend for summer.
1) Moisturiser: I am normally a massive fan of Nivea but I love this moisturiser in the summer, it  is the Neutrogena visibly clear moisturiser. The reason I love this is mostly because of the  smell (pink grapefruit) and it also leaves your skin feeling super soft and refreshed. It is also oil free which is a bonus in the summer because the last thing you want is an oily face.

2) Suncream: Well obviously this is a given in the summer, but when it comes to suncream for my face I am really picky. So I have chosen Garnier Ambre Solaire High. This is great for people that don't like the smell of suncream as it doesn't have the smell typically found in them. This is also non-greasy and non-sticky which is great for applying to your face. I have it in factor 50, even though I don't burn, I have a lot of moles so I use it for that and I also use it to protect my skin on my face.

3) Self Tanner: Now if you are the type of person who likes to fake it more then this is perfect. It is the Dove summer glow in fair to medium (to be honest this is too light for my skin now and so I use it more as a moisturiser). This product is great for giving you an overall glow and doesn't leave streaks or patches of orange all over you body. I recommend using this every other day with just moisturiser in between.

4) Waterproof Mascara: Well lets face it, in the sun we are going to get sweaty and the last thing we want is mascara have way down our face so this product is great. I love the falsies mascara from maybelline, so simply got the waterproof version. It does basically exactly the same as the normal one but is waterproof. It is definitely a win win for me.

5) Hair conditioner: In the summer my hair can get quite dry so I use Dove intensive repair leave-in conditioner to give my hair a bit of a boost. This stuff also smells great and you can use it on both wet and dry hair.

6) Feet: With all this sandal wearing I need my feet in tip top condition so I use the soap and glory heel genius foot cream. You simply put it on at night and in the morning you have super soft feet, ready for those flip flops and sandals.

7) Cleanser: I love using the No7 Beautiful skin cleansing water to give my skin some energy in the morning. I love this stuff, as it makes your skin feel refreshed and clean. Often I will just use this stuff with my moisturiser if I'm having a non makeup day and  my face won't get greasy or anything during the day.

8) BB cream: We have probably all had the problem of keeping makeup on our face during a really hot day but that is where i love BB creams. I have been using the Maybelline dream pure BB cream for oily skin and it has been a life saver. I can put this on in the morning and can guarantee that my makeup will not have moved in the evening. It also has SPF 15 which is great as well. I would definitely recommend this product if you have oily skin.

9) Bronzer: I am a sucker for a good bronzed look in the summer and I have been loving the NYC Big Bold bronzer in shade 602 (Metropoli tan). This is a great bronzer, as it is not too have and you can either you it to contour your face or just as an overall bronze to your face and it is really cheap as well.

10) Finally nails: I love bright colours in the summer and I have recently fallen in love with this coral colour from essie. Cute as a button is the perfect colour for summer. It really enhances your tan and gives a really summery feel to your look. Love, love, love this product.

So that's it, my top 10 beauty/skin products for the summer. I hope you have enjoyed this and let me know what your summer favourites are!

Grace x


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