Thursday, 5 September 2013

What's in my washbag? Time for a holiday

Hello lovely people, so for my second installment of my Time for a holiday series I am going to be sharing the thing I am taking with me in terms of toiletries. This includes skincare, haircare and bathroom stuff. I am not planning to use any heat items on my hair while we are away so that is why I am not taking any heat defense spray. The only thing I forgot to add to my list of things in deodorant and toothpaste/toothbrush but I will obviously be taking those. So lets get started....

- Herbal Essences volumising shampoo and conditioner for fine/normal hair
- Dove intensive repair leave in conditioner

Body Stuff
- Soap and Glory clean on me shower gel
- Soap and Glory scrub of your life body buffer
- Dove Summer Glow self tanner in fair to medium skin
- Victoria's Secret Pure Seduction hand and body cream

- No7 beautiful skin cleansing water for oily skin (it is in the little superdrug bottle)
- Nivea face cleansing wipes for normal to combination skin
- Neutrogena visibly clear oil free moisturiser

In the Cath Kidston bag are just a few other essentials like medical stuff, hair ties, bobby pins and a compact mirror. So as you can see I have tried to keep my washbag as simple as possible because I don't have that much space and as it is such a casual holiday, I don't need to be carting round loads of stuff.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this, just to let you know there will be some blogs being posted while I am away so keep a look out for them on here and on Bloglovin.

Love Grace x


  1. Oo you have a great selection! Have a nice holiday!

  2. Thank you :)Yea hopefully the weather will hold up, but being England i doubt it :) Grace x