Tuesday, 1 October 2013

September Beauty Favourites!

Hello lovely people!

As I say every month, it's that time again where I share all the things I have been loving this month. This has been a crazy month for me. I had a lovely week away with my boyfriend as his parents and we went on a canal trip. I came back with some very defined arm muscles, and a dislocated toe but hey it was a fantastic week and the weather was amazing, which for England it is sort of a miracle. The other thing I have been doing this month is getting ready for my final year of University. For those who don't know I am studying Primary Education so that means at the end of this academic year I will be a qualified teacher! Yikes!!! scary times! but that means that this month I have been busy getting ready for and moving into my house I share with two of my friends, who just happen to also be on the same course. So yeah, enough of that, lets get on with the things I have been loving this month.

The first thing is Victoria's Secret pure seduction hand and body cream. I got this at the beginning of September ( I'm tempted to say) when I went to London with my boyfriend. I spent ages by the counter just smelling the different scents and trying to decide whether I wanted the body lotion or the body spray. I eventually decided on the body lotion and I am glad I did. This smells incredible, I think to some people it may be too sweet but I love sweet smelling things. It claims to be 24 hour moisturising, however I don't think it lasts this long, especially if you have really dry skin. I tend to use this in the morning and then use a more intense moisturiser at night however it is a lovely moisturiser and keeps all my dry bits, especially my elbows nice and moisturised and smelling lovely.

The next thing I have been loving is the Sleek blush in Pomegranate (923). I brought this ages ago but haven't really used it regularly, however it is such a lovely berry shade and perfect for Autumn/winter. It is really pigmented however, so make sure not to use a lot. Also when you first put it on it will look like a berry just threw up all over your cheeks, the trick is to blend, blend, blend.

I have also been loving this Bourgois Bronzer. Now I know everyone has one of these and it is easy to see why. It is in the shape of chocolate and even smells like chocolate and who could resist that. I absolutely love the packaging for this, it is so cute and different to most bronzers, which I love. I love a good bronzer and the colour this gives off is lovely and easy to blend. I have heard some people say it is too orange, however I haven't found this. I really recommend this bronzer if you haven't tried it.

The next thing is the 24 colour tattoo by Maybelline. This stuff is amazing and if i was to keep my makeup on for 24 hours I am sure this would last. Once you have this stuff on, it does not budge. I got the shade Pink Gold and it is a lovely colour either on its own or as a base for something darker for a more evening look. I highly recommend these and are definitely going to purchase some more on my next trip to boots.

I have also been loving these two real techniques brushes, the expert face brush and the setting brush. I have been using the expert face brush for my foundation as it really buffs it into the skin and sets it really nicely and then I have been using the setting brush for my under eye concealer and also for powder for setting my makeup under the eye.

The last makeup product I have been loving is these two soap and glory mother pucker lip gloss sticks in Plum Jam and Nudist. I won't go into much here but I did a full review of these which I will link here.

So that is all my beauty favourites. I do have some random favourites which I will put up in another post but I hope you have enjoyed reading this.

What have been your September favourites?

Love Gx

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  1. The Bourjois bronzer is a wonderful product that I use almost all year around but I've had to move over to the lighter shade now :o). Xx